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Unicorn Fantasy – Dakota Charms (wmv)

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at DakotaCharmsXXX at g m a i l dot com  Featuring Dakota Charms! I have been such a bad girl for making Daddy wait so long but how else am I supposed to tease you? Do you like how I dressed up like an unicorn for you. Pull out your cock for your little girl because I’m your Unicorn Princess. I love watching you because it’s so naughty. Edge yourself up and down the shaft of your private area as I watch and giggle. I’m better than Mom, otherwise you wouldn’t come back to me.  You want to drench my face and hair with your sperm. I would look so cute with your cum on me. Pulling off my panties and showing off my booty, you admire your creation. My fingers stroke my pussy that you want to get into. These little tits are just for you and I only play with you. It’s our little secret and I won’t tell Mommy about it. Stroke your balls and get closer, but don’t release or you won’t get to cum on my face. You’re making me really wet and I should be punished with a face full of your jizz. I love our play sessions and you should sniff my panties. It’s my turn to stroke your cock (dildo) with my soft hands. Sucking the head, I look up at you with my green eyes while tasting your pre-cum. Do you like it when your little sweetie kisses your family jewels?  I laugh when you give a big load all over my face and in my mouth. Your taste cums so good. I love you daddy and will always be your special little girl who does special things for you. OTHER KEYWORDS-  Daddy & Daughter, family affairs, ageplay, age play, littles, edging, tease and denial, jerk off encouragement, dirty talking, costume fetish, dildo handjobs, dildo hand jobs, dildo blowjobs, simulated blow jobs, virtual blow jobs, squirting dildos, glasses, eyeglasses, brunettes, all natural, homewrecker, virtual handjobs, dildo blow jobs @DakotaCharms