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Misty becomes a mindless fucktoy

After reading a manga I got the idea for this video, Misty is challenged by a trainer to a Pokemon battle, she tells him to choose his pokemon and he uses Drowzee. He tells Drowzee to use a physic attack on Misty and now she is in a complete trance. The trainer never wanted to fight Misty he just wanted to fuck her and now it he mindless state he can get her to do anything. He tells her to show him her tits and he slides his cock between them and makes them bounce. Do you want my dick? Yes I want it she replies. How often do you masturbate, everyday she replies. Why? Because I’m a sex addict she says. She starts sucking his dick and deepthroating his cock and gagging hard on it. Tongue out and she knows this is so humiliating but she’ll keep doing it anyways cause she’s a sex addict and needs cock. He’s telling her to say what she is thinking the entire time as he uses her holes. A big huge load shoots all over her face, she loves to blow bubbles with the cum, play with it, smell it and taste it. So much cum everywhere sucking his dick dry. Now show me your pussy he say’s, your not wearing panties? No I never wear panties they always get too wet if I wear them she replies. Revealing her tight hot naked body, he tells her to rub her pussy and play with it, you want me cock don’t you. Yes give it to me, fuck me!!! She gets pounded by his big dick rolling her eyes and making ahegao faces as she takes his dick and he shoots another big load deep in her cunt, playing with the cum again. Your cock is so good I love when you explode inside me and you’ll knock me up get me pregnant yes I want more cum!!! This time she hops on top of him and rides his dick, her pussy leaking cum out the flaps but she rides hard again, she is a mindless fucktoy and she’s going to cum hard riding on his dick and intense orgasm and he fills her up again as her tongue hangs out and her eyeballs roll back in pleasure. My pussy is so numb your cock is so big she explains, but she still wants his dick in her ass, he pounds her ass bent over and she takes it and fills her up with a big creampie and she pushes it out. All that cum dripping out from her stretched asshole, and she tastes it. At the end she is totally brainless and exhausted that felt so good, she mutters no more battles just fuck me from now on