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Dawnstar One Shots: Misty in “TEAM ROCKET REVENGE!” (MP4 version)

starring CAROLINE PIERCE as Jesse of Team Rocket and CLAIRE V as Misty.Our story opens with Misty arriving at a 10-year reunion with some of her former classmates. Misty is all grown up now, and although she’s filled out nicely in body and is now working on her own as an adult she still misses the good old days. Misty is still eagerly in the service of Japan investigating strange events for the Department of Spiritual Water Monsters. Going to the reunion was against her better judgement, but she was looking forward to seeing Ash and all of her old friends. Unfortunately it is a trap and no sooner has Misty arrived than Jesse from Team Rocket reveals herself and chuckles that she’s caught Misty in her cunning final trap.When Misty asks what Jesse means by that, the Team Rocket member gleefully tells the suspender-wearing redhead that Jesse wants to retire and publish her memoirs. For that, Jesse needs to have a fantastic ending for her publisher and so Misty is here to make sure that happens. Misty is going to be sold into white slavery, and will provide a chilling end to an otherwise tepid tale of Jesse’s mildly-mediocre rise to fame and insure millions of book sales and a healthy profit when it comes to the movie rightsNaturally Misty refuses to assist in her own defeat, and so tries to leave, beginning a tragic tale with lots of big rope bondage (including onscreen tying at multiple junctures plus eventual escape), many spankings, sleepy mist spray, sexy debootings where the boots are ripped away by force off the legs, lipstick fetish, red tennis shoe removal, suspender snappings, thong underwear, upskirt panty shots, forcible stripping, tape gags, catfighting, girl-girl fighting, bare feet fetish (no tights or pantyhose), tickling fetish, glove removal, slow panning shots across Misty’s defeated body, lingerie fetish, and plenty of Pokeriffic story and dialolgue which directly references the TV show and games.