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Cartoon seduction of Diane Deluna p1

cartooned porn, illustrated erotica that really happened, hentia manga anime of Diane DeLuna is such a sexy rockin chick, and I love sharing her sweet with you. I run my hands all over her body, kissing up her legs, and get real close. Dianes face lights up as she watches. We kiss and I move my way down to worship her tight little nipples. Kissing and licking, getting slobbery its so sexy. I take my time exploring her body. Squeezing and sucking and touching those titties I make her so wet. My hand finds its way down to her panties and I keep kissing her while I tease her through her satin panties. I kiss my way down her legs and you can hear her breathing change and she releases little moans. Her skin is so creamy and white. And her stocking are so sexy as I kiss her toes and pull down each stocking slowly. She squeaks as I lick the arches of her pretty feet. This chapter of the scene ends right before I take off her panties. I peel Diane DeLunas panties off and squeeze her pretty titties, spreading her legs wide I start to touch her soft pussy lips as I rub her little ass hole.